Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So wonderfully, wonderfully, wonderfully pretty

Photos from flickr group 'Gyrus'

I would love to adopt a cat. But it's not quite that simple. First, I suffer from chronic sinusitis and so I worry about the fur factor. Second, my DH comes up in big, red welts whenever he's scratched by a cat. Third, our house is really quite small and so I'm not sure that it's very pet friendly. Fourth, I also really love birds and have spent some time drawing the local birdlife to our yard so that they now feel comfortable to potter about here whenever they choose. I know cats are just being cats when they chase birds but I'm not sure how I feel about actively putting the two together.

So it would appear that I am going to have to content myself with admiring other people's cats, amusing myself at http://icanhascheeseburger.com/ and reading about all the wonderfully mysterious cats of history - Bastet, for example, and the cats who pulled Freya's chariot across the sky...

But I do love cats. They're independent, they're smart, they don't make you take them for a walk...and they purr. A friend of mine had a cat who would purr and purr whenever he sat in my lap. Then he would stand up, walk very steadily (and painfully) across my thighs in order to climb back down to the floor, claws fully extended with each step. And I would let him. Just for that purr.


Diana Kennedy said...

Cats are wonderful companions. I don't think that a little house is a real problem, mine's not a palace either and I have 4 cats (even without Gribi). The Bird-thing may be a bigger problem. Your cat WILL try to eat them. Now I am not this emotionally shattered when my little predators catch a bird or a mouse, but I know that several people really have a problem with it. Fixing a little bell on the cat's collar may help. The Birds get warned when the cat approaches.

Yes, Icanhascheesburger is so much fun!

Pina said...

I love cats. I feed two of them but they live outside. People in my neighborhood don't like cats, because there are too many with no owner, so they try to find food wherever they can. Some of them were killed and poisoned.

As I work for an ornithological society, I can advise you a bit differently from Diana - we do not advise collars with bells, because birds hear the bell all the time, although cat might not be close to them - so they live in constant fear. That's a natural selection, only the best survive.

Bodecea said...

I LOVE cats! We had 1 - 7 when I was a child. The years as student when I lived in small apartments and in cities I had none, but now I live with 4 cats again. Too of them a bit shy and do not like to be touched very much, they spent their time at my mum. The other two are very orientated to humankind, waiting every morning in front of our sleeping room, rumbling against the door to get in - they want food.

I do not know how often I a was sad or depressed and the cats made me laugh again.


Feronia said...

Hi Diana, Pina and Bodecea -

Thanks for your comments. It looks like it's a unanimous vote in favour of cats! I keep hoping actually that a cat will adopt us - just appear at the door one day - and so I won't have to make a conscious decision to go out and acquire one - fate will decide for me!