Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sit. Stay.

I may have mentioned before that in the course of my life, I have taken a number of journeys with the black dog of depression very firmly in tow. The last 12 months or so have been the longest of our walks together. But of late I have just started to feel a little bit of the old me returning, with a little bit of the (hopefully) 'new and improved' thrown in for good measure. Things that were once so interesting but for a year were not even worth looking at are suddenly interesting again. And as a result my desk is a buzzing hive of busyness - books piled upon books, 'ideas' notebooks being started with enthusiasm and regularly added to, projects which had been relegated to the 'too-hard' basket are being returned to and finished off...last night I even thought it may be worth having a notepad by the bed, because I was still thinking of things as I dozed off. Or perhaps I am learning to better ride the natural peaks and troughs of life and to grab the times when the Muses are with me with both hands - to make hay, as it were, before I sit quietly alone again.


Pina said...

I haven't been reading any blogs lately, so it is much nicer to come around your happy post. Let it come, happiness!

Feronia said...

Indeed, let it come! Good to see you, Pina.

DILLY said...

Dilly send hed hugs an glad be feel better.
Dilly giv Feronia award!
COme see!


Feronia said...

Thank you Dilly! You're a sweet pea!! x