Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Night Sky

I am all for trying out new things at the moment. However, as I mentioned a couple of blogs back, art was not my forte at school and what suggestion of artistic inclination I may have had was stomped on by the derision of my classmates.

Now I realise my painting (above) is no great work of art but I gave it a go yesterday. Inspired by the lovely picture by Seamera at http://magischesbasteln.twoday.net/ (her own blog can be found at http://www.silberfischsonate.de/), I stocked up on some painting stuff while shopping on Sunday and tried my hand at it last night. And I really enjoyed it! I have tried painting before (post-school) and I've always lost patience with myself - I could never get it 'right' and so just gave up. But yesterday, I took my time, didn't expect to suddenly be struck by artistic genius and just enjoyed doing it and I think that's reflected in a result that I'm reasonably satisfied with.


Diana Kennedy said...

It is simple and because of this, very impressive. I would suggest to frame it!

Feronia said...

Thanks Diana! Ok, I might do that.