Thursday, March 4, 2010


How I loved this book when I was small. The How and Why Wonder Book of Our Earth. I stared at the pages of gemstones for hours and then dared myself to flick over to the terrifying pictures of volcanoes. I dreamed about the Centre of the Earth. I could have grown up to be a geologist. Or a vulcanologist. Or at least a jeweller. Oh well.

Imagine my delight then when I found a bag of "gemstone chips" at the $2 discount store this week. I can still stare at them for hours.

One of the things I love most about this time of year is Easter daisies.

We got a new couch in December. The old striped 70s beast finally had to go (actually it's currently sitting under the carport beneath a tarpaulin). Now I like the new couch. I do. It's comfortable (it's been great with my back) and it'll go with anything. Because it's biscuit coloured. In the shop, it looked different. Really it did. Richer in colour. The catalogue described it as 'royal fudge'. It's more like vanilla fudge, I reckon. But no matter. And as my DH said at the time, "Well, that couch'll do us for at least ten years." So I've injected some colour with these very cute Indian cotton cushions and a crocheted rug. Bit more cheerful. Bit less doctor's waiting room!


distelfliege said...

Wooow, I had the same book in german when I was a child! "Was ist was - Unsere Erde"
I loved the gemstones as well!

Feronia said...

Wow - I didn't realise it had been translated into other languages. I asked my mum if she could have a look for it at home the other day - I'd like to read it again!