Thursday, March 18, 2010


In honour of Autumn Equinox (or Mabon) which comes to us in the Southern Hemisphere this weekend, I am trying to cook with that evocative fruit, the pomegranate, this week. Last night, we had a lovely salad comprised of -

Mixed salad greens


Green peas

Mint leaves

Sliced cucumber

Pomegranate seeds

Quantaties are whatever you choose. I used about half a bag of salad greens, a cup of peas, 1 cucumber and 1 pomegranate. Beautiful. The lovely coolness of the mixed lettuce, the green veggies and the mint, combined with the tang of the feta and the pomegranate.


Stardust said...

Show a shot of your finish next time! ;)

Pina said...

What a beautiful picture. And I wouldn't mind having "your" salad for lunch! :)

Lorianna said...

Oh, you celebrate Mabon this time of year! Duh, stupid me! I get it now. Not all the candles light on my birthday cake sometimes. So, your celebrations are totally opposite...
Well, that makes perfect sense, which is probably why I didn't get it. (sigh...)
Your salad sounds lovely. I hope you have a really happy and blessed Mabon!

Bodecea said...

Sounds great!

Here, Ostara is near - maybe a time for a typical "Frankfurter Grüne Soße" (Frankfurt green sauce) with many fresh or frozen herbs!

I'll watch out for first herbs growing now around here...


Diana Kennedy said...

Well, yes we gather Ostara and you MABON! Mabon is one of my most favorite festivals, I like the entry into autumn, with all the harvesting and fruits to come.

Feronia said...

@ Stardust -
Yes, we ate it before I had to time to photograph it!

@ Pina -
Yes, it's a lovely picture isn't it. Sort of Medieval.

@ Lorianna -
Don't worry, the candles don't always all light up at the same time for me either! A Blessed Ostara to you :)

@ Bodecea -
Can you please post the recipe for Frankfurt green sauce?...sounds good.

@ Diana -
Yes, I love autumn. I think you have an affinity for the season you're born in.