Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Passion for Pears

I have been on a big fruit eating kick lately. We have a prolific passionfruit vine in the front yard, so passionfruits make an appearance at breakfast. White and yellow nectarines have been very popular too. But if I had to choose a fruit that made me happy it would be the pear. Subtle in taste and so cooling to the palette, this bowl full are just right for eating right now. Ripe without being too ripe. Delightful. Does anyone know any good pear recipes?

PS Apologies for the quality of the photo - my camera is slowly dying...!


Diana Kennedy said...

Pears are delicious fruits. One of my preferred, too. I don't ave a receipe in mind, since I eat them mostly as they are.

Feronia said...

Yes, they are lovely fresh, aren't they?