Monday, March 1, 2010

A light-filled Sunday

Had a lovely Sunday. The weather is finally starting to tip towards milder autumnal conditions and I was finally able to sit in the car for longer than half an hour (with my back issues) so we took the opportunity to go for a drive. A wander around a very pretty country town about two hours from here followed with lots of random inning-and-outing of all the little shops that line the main street, a nice lunch and then a walk around the lake. Lots of photo opportunities but alas my camera seems to have got itself into a bit of a state. It would take only very washed out photos. Some were salvageable - like the one above which I think has almost a yellowy, retro, Polaroid feel to it - but on the whole they were blanched-out catastrophes. Lucky my birthday is on the horizon and my DH has promised me a new camera! But then I read an article in the paper this morning that said we should live life not try to capture each moment in photographs. Something in that. But I still would've like my camera to have worked!! Any ideas on why it might be over-exposing everything?


Stardust said...

Does the camera have an 'exposure' feature? It could be there. Else, reset everything. Hmm... or you've probably taken them under very harsh daylight. Sorry to hear that your back isn't recovering quick enough. Get well soon..

Feronia said...

Thanks Stardust. The back is a work-in-progress, I think. The days when I imagined it would be a quick fix are long gone. But, in fairness, it gets a little better every day. Thanks for the camera tips too.