Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Knitting, Nalbinding and the Art of Hygge

Some Nalbinding needles

Some Nalbinding-ed boots (image from, Anna-Kika)

Now that the weather here is slowly starting to turn (the nights are cooler, it's getting darker sooner), my crafty thoughts are turning to knitting. At present I am pretty much your standard plain-stitch-only (purl at a push) knitter who so far hasn't advanced beyond scarves (although, as you may recall, these segued into a button-up neck warmer last year). So last night I started another scarf for myself. It's blue and green at present but I am planning on a trailing Tom-Baker-as-Dr-Who style number, so once the blue and green is finished, I'm going to charge on with some multi-coloured hand-woven yarn I bought recently.

Also, I may just try my hand at Nalbinding, a one-needle style of knitting originally practiced by the Vikings. I only discovered it last night. Does anyone else know anything about it? It seems to produce a lovely chunky stitch. Looking at it, it comes as no surprise to me that the Danes have the word 'Hygge' to describe the process of gaining warmth and comfort and solace at home during the winter months (see for more on 'Hygge').


Pina said...

Looks lovely. I haven't been knitting for more than 20 years! Wow, how old I am already!

Feronia said...

LOL! I have been having thoughts like that lately too!!