Monday, February 21, 2011

Awaydays No. 1

I think this is a pomegranate.

There seem to be cranes everywhere in Sydney - I had to remind myself a few times that I was not back in Japan!

He's there...look closely :)

In case you've been wondering where I've got to, I've been in Sydney for a week, having a very nice break. My husband was at a conference up there so I decided to hitch a ride and have a wander around Sydney. I had some plans in mind - things to see, places to visit - but the best things I found were the places I hadn't planned on.

The Chinese Garden of Friendship was certainly one of them
( Designed in the traditional sparse yet rich Chinese style, they are so very peaceful. I thoroughly enjoyed stepping off the busy paths of the Darling Harbour area and quietly pottering through the various beautiful landscapes, past the ponds full of gaping carps (hard to photograph - I think I was distracted by all those opening and closing mouths!) and into the lovely open-air teahouse where I sipped jasmine tea and watched the lizards pacing self-importantly to and fro.


Stardust said...

So glad at your getaway, I always like that. I can see how much you've enjoyed the trip, what appreciation in your pictures. Let's hope that your hubby attends more conferences. ;)

Feronia said...

Exactly! I am hoping for one in Singapore, Malaysia or Japan next time!! :)

Pina said...

I also liked the Chinese gardens when I was visiting China. Although some were nicer than others. Every evening we had to tell others in a group, what we liked/disliked about the gardens we visited that day.

Feronia said...

I would love to see the gardens of China!

Anonymous said...

looks like a lovely place, this garden!