Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'm a little teapot

Sometimes without even realising it, you start collecting something. Teapots are a case in point. Both my father and I are great op-shoppers. Dad started to buy me unusual teapots when he saw them. Now they line the kitchen windowsill! He gave me this one - a very sleek, Zen-like number from Vietnam - this morning. I love it.

What are you collecting?


Diana Kennedy said...

Very elegant design. Asian tea-culture is famous for sure. I am not really collecting them seriously,; but I fetch any unusual / funny / nice mug I see.

Feronia said...

Love funny mugs. I keep seeing them in thrift stores but I've got so many already, I don't have any room in the cupboard to buy more.

Stardust said...

Some fine eyes your dad has, funny I like having my collection on the window sill too. I'm restraining stuffs though, trying to keep things minimal.

Love the pictures with your new cam. :) Do you happen to keep up with Helena, I hope she's doing fine..

Feronia said...

I am trying to keep things minimal too...doesn't quite seem to work! Thanks for the nice comment on my new camera :) I haven't heard from Helena in a while...I hope she is ok too.