Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Awaydays No. 2

Back gate of the oldest house in Sydney

Back door of the oldest house in Sydney

Detail on an old building at the Rocks

Does this one need a caption? :)

I have been to Sydney several times before (and seen the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Opera House etc., etc.) and of course it is only an hour away by plane, so I can go up there any time really, but I made a point of avoiding the tourist spots this time around just the same. Though I did walk down to the famed Rocks area one day, which is one of the oldest parts of Sydney, only to find half of it was shut and the other half was so boringly commercial and touristy that there was little to occupy my interest. I suppose I have done my fair share of souvenir buying in other countries (Tirolean hat, anyone?), but here I felt no need for a stuffed koala or kangaroo.

The one thing I did want to see - the oldest house in Sydney, which I think was built in the early 1800s (you have to remember we're in the 'New World' here!) - was closed so I retraced my steps. I had a brief look at the Harbour Bridge and then went back up George St (one of Sydney's main streets) where I found the Cupcake Bakery (http://thecupcakebakery.com.au/) and partook of a chocolate cupcake with deliciously thick peppermint icing (I would've taken a photo but I am sometimes shy about doing this in shops!) and the wonderful Japanese bookshop Kinokuniya (http://bookweb.kinokuniya.co.jp/indexohb.cgi?AREA=06)...but that's tomorrow's story.


Pina said...

I always say that it must had been wonderful when there was nothing built by human anywhere. :)

Thanks for sharing "your" pieces of Sydney. :)

Snows said...

ohh I love the photos! Specially the ones of the old house!

Diana Kennedy said...

The old house was very interesting, indeed. My own house is just slightly younger: from 1850. Commercialization for tourists can be way overdone - until there's nothing really authentic left.

Feronia said...

@ Pina -

Yes, I think Australia would have been very interesting to see before European colonisation.

@ Snows -

Thank you! :)

@ Diana -

Well put - The Rocks had the feeling of being a theme park to me rather than being a part of 'real' Australia.