Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Awaydays No.3

No, I can't read a word of Japanese. That's how much I'm in love with these books. I bought them anyway.

Who doesn't want to embroider a hedgehog?

Or a smiling rabbit?

So beautiful

Yes, I know the clothes' patterns will need to be...ahem...adjusted or shall we say up-sized?

I love the crochet book best of all

I would love to know what the rabbit's caption is!

As I mentioned yesterday, while on my rambling travels in Sydney, I found the most. beautiful. bookshop. ever. Kinokuniya. Oh yes. Originally Japanese (as you may have guessed), they now have shops throughout the world. Apparently their store in Sydney in the largest bookstore in Australia. It's surprising that I was able to leave.

I found the most beautiful Japanese craft books that have completely renewed and reinvigorated my interest in:

1. Japan (and so, all things Japanese)
2. Embroidery
3. Clothes-making (and so, using my sewing machine)
4. Drawing (and so, making my greeting cards)

Who knew that a visit to a bookstore could be so inspiring?


Snows said...

Oh I love these books! Japanese stuff is usually so cute, and you have some tutorials too. Neus*

Sefarina said...

I have some books about japanese graphic design and often use them for inspiration. It adds something special to include other cultures.

These books really look great :-)

Feronia said...

@ Snows -
Yes, what sold me on them was that it showed me how to do everything as well. So far I have drawn a hamster!!

@ Sefarina -

Yes, I think it gives you a whole new perspective.

librarygirl said...

I bought my Paris obsessed daughter a book about apartments in Paris... in Japanese! She loves it.

Stardust said...

It's all sweet and beautiful, I love your taste. :) It'll be good to see your production one of these days..

The rabbit leaping in the picture? It says 'thank you'.