Saturday, February 5, 2011

Down came the rain and...

We had an incredible amount of rain last night - more than I have ever seen in one downpour. Apparently it was leftover from Cyclone Yasi. We went to our local Japanese restaurant and there was water pouring down the front windows and all over the floor. Driving there, we had to stop several times because we just couldn't see what was ahead - just all this water. But nevertheless a very resourceful spider in our front yard, who I saw starting this web yesterday, had it finished by this morning.

Hope the weather is not quite so extreme in your part of the world.


Bodecea said...

Hi Feronia,

it's strange what weather extremes you have in Australia the last months!

Here it is quite mild (~10 degrees), windy and cloudy. Normal weather for our (mild) region in February, I hope it is the first sign of spring. I had enough snow! :-)


Feronia said...

Yes, it has been really extreme here lately. Hope Spring is on the way for you, Bodecea!

librarygirl said...

hasn't the rain been incredible??
our house is leaking!

Feronia said...

I've never seen anything like it here. Our house didn't leak but our backyard was flooded.