Friday, August 12, 2011

Let's get Hygge

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From Bombshell Bettie's Vintage

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When we were in Bergen, I kind of got a little bit obsessed with traditional handknitted Norwegian jumpers (sweaters). There are a number of shops offering them along the main shopping area there (the Bryggen) and I went into one shop in particular several times to admire their wares. I had already bought four pairs of wool socks there (which are the best socks I have ever worn in my life) but they also had the most gorgeous jumpers and cardigans. As you know I am something of a handknit nut anyway but these ones were something else. The colours and patterns were so lovely, the knit so perfectly nubby to the touch. But...they were about $400 a pop. So, no sale.

Now, my knitting is getting along. Kinda. In fact, the cardigan I mentioned starting yesterday, started well last night. But I am not hopeful of knitting a Norwegian style jumper anytime soon. So, I turn in a familiar direction - the world of vintage. Etsy has a number of beautiful vintage Norse style knits for sale and while they are not up in the hundreds of dollars, they are still fairly pricey to send from the US and Europe to Australia (fair enough too, these things are heavy with woolley goodness). Thus, I am pondering, vacillating and generally umming and ahhing and all the while hoping that one of these delicacies will surface in my local op shop. Wish me luck!

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