Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I am I am I am

This lovely image of Sylvia Plath can be found at

What do you think about inspirational quotes and sayings? I know that my husband approaches them with some derision but I often find (mostly) literary quotes that say such a lot to me that I am compelled to type them up and blue-tack to the wall above my desk. I don't mean inspirational quotes of the 'SUCCESS'-emblazoned-on-a-photo-of-the-sunset variety (but they're fine too, if they talk to you) but more a couple of words or lines that help me to understand something about myself.

It is sometimes seen as something of a cliche to be a fan of Sylvia Plath, the angsty woman par excellence, but I have to say that I have been in love with her words and ideas since the poem "The Applicant" was on our reading list for Year 12 English Lit (some mumble-mumble years ago). I know of course that she was also a very flawed individual (but who isn't?) and certainly her fate is not one that I covet. But the words...the words. Yesterday I was reminded of a few lines from The Bell Jar which went - kaboom - straight to where I am right now:

"I took a deep breath and listened to the old bray of my heart. I am. I am. I am."

Just now I discovered that I am not the only one with a deep love for Sylvia's mots juste and I also found that some people go way beyond sticking a piece of paper over their desk. I am not one for tattoos but these are amazing and touching examples of how words can go straight to the soul -

Words from the poem "Tulips"

These images can be found at the following link


Bodecea said...

Cool tatoos! But I wont tatoo Sylvia Plath poems on my skin - too long ;-). Maybe something from Douglas Adams - "Don't Panic!"? *lol*

Feronia said...

@ Bodecea -

'Don't Panic' - I love it!