Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday bites

So now we know what happened to all those 50s girls and women without wasp-thin, Betty Draper waists. This is another horror from what I'm now referring to as the 'when vintage goes bad' advertisements (see last week for a couple more). I have often wondered what women who didn't have tiny waists or couldn't pour themselves into girdles actually did for clothes...they were given the depressing and all too probably demoralising title of a 'chubbie', it seems.


Deliciously simple fried rice on the cooker last night. Boil rice then fry it up with sliced bacon, spring onion, red capsicum, egg and soy sauce. Just comfortingly right for a day beleaguered by a sinusitis-borne headache.


My cardigan knit has ground to a halt - scuppered by lousy wool that is fuzzing up already. As I said yesterday, I will order some better quality wool from the Bendigo Woollen Mills but does anyone have any other suggestions as well?


Some deliciously good sunshine today and the loveliest warm breeze greeted me when I opened the front door this morning. It's clouding over now but spring is definitely sniffing our shoes.



Sefarina said...

Girls being teased for their weight is considered "normal" so I'm kind of used to it (still unfair).
What bothers me are the sizes considered as "Chubby". If I interpret this right they start with a european 36, which is pretty thin.

Feronia said...

Reminds me of being in one of the womens clothing chain stores here a couple of years ago and hearing size 14 described as "extra large".