Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Thieving Tuesday

I'm being a bit of a web bandit today. Librarygirl over at Living in the kingdom of too much has posted two things lately which I have keenly seized upon and bring to you today. The first is a list of unread (and half-read) books which are lurking around my living room at the moment (http://www.livinginthekingdomoftoomuch.com/2011/08/heres-my-list-of-un-read-books.html) I really do want to read them but in the evenings I find my attention is distracted by knitting, stitching or that great evil of mind-numbingness...the tv. So, in no particular order, here is what I am yet to get to -

Robert Rankin, The hollow chocolate bunnies of the apocalypse (half-read)
Kingsley Amis, Lucky Jim
Geraldine Brooks, March
Ronald Hayman, The death and life of Sylvia Plath
Avi, The Mayor of Central Park

Not to mention the books that call to me from the bookshelves every time I walk past -

Charles Dickens, Little Dorrit
Margaret Atwood
, The Blind Assassin

And the book that went all the way to Scandinavia and didn't get read (how was I distracted by tv in a language I don't understand??)

P.C. Cast, Goddess of Legend

The other thing is this gorgeous item which I have coveted ever since seeing it on the dear Miss Amy Dorrit in the recent BBC series Little Dorrit. Now (and then) referred to as a Sontag, in the 19th century it was also rather sweetly called a bosom friend -

Librarygirl has very kindly included the link to the pattern she used - http://www.livinginthekingdomoftoomuch.com/2011/07/little-team-that-could.html. As a novice knitter I am freaking out at the sight of this pattern ever so slightly but I'll give it a go because I so want one! And just to get me (and you!) in the mood, here is the beautiful opening theme from the recent tv version of Little Dorrit -


librarygirl said...

my friend started off the sontag for me and modified the pattern - i am such a novice - but it is looking good!

Feronia said...

It looks gorgeous in those completed pics - once I decipher the abbreviations in the pattern I will make a start!

Bodecea said...

Just wrote about another P.C. cast novel in lesen.lesen. It was not exactly my taste ;-)

Feronia said...

Ok, I'll head over and have a look :)