Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Can I ask you a favour?

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I would very much appreciate your in-put on something today. As you may have noticed from the sidebar, I am working on redeveloping my In a Dark Wood blog ( into a space for my fiction writing.

I am mostly writing short stories at the moment, and so I am wondering...

Do you read short stories?
Do you read short stories online?

Sweet thanks for that!
Feronia xx

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Bodecea said...

You know I read short stories, but I do not read much prose onlien anyway. I have to work a lot on the computer so I prefer reading with a book on the sofa. But of course, I would like to read YOUR stories - if nee be I could print them :-).

Diana Kennedy said...

I do read short stories, online too, but I still prefer paper - and if no paper than something on my kindle. Because reading for me involves getting comfy on the sofa under a warm blanket.

Right now I don't have much time left for any reading. I truly hope that will change.

librarygirl said...

1. Don't read short stories on-line.
2. Do not MUCH read short stories unless they are by authors I already admire eg Barbara Pym, then I will seek them out. I prefer a novella to a short story.
3. Do like a good essay, eg politics in the Quarterly.

Emily said...

Thanks Bodecea :)


I hope it changes too, Diana! Thanks for your thoughts - I appreciate it.


Ok, thanks librarygirl. Elizabeth Taylor has some great short stories, if you haven't found them already. And there are some short Barbara Pym pieces in "Civil to Strangers". I have been thinking about an essay for my non-fiction stuff.


Thanks everyone!
Emily x

Sefarina said...

Joining in here, if a little late.

I do read short fiction, and more online than in print because it doesn't take me as long as a book.
But I've got little patience with text on screen and will click away the second I'm bored, too.
The text must be easy to read or your eyes will get tired (for computer screen this could be: 10-12pt Arial, light even background and dark grey or brown text colour, width about 60 characters, ragged alignment), and no flashing colours or widgets, please.

In the end, write what you love and write it like you would. ^^

Emily said...

Good suggestions, Sefarina :) Thanks!