Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Knit One, Purl Om

Woman knitting by Francoise Duparc
Whiling away some time on Google recently (as one does), I found a vast array of beautiful images under the unassuming search term 'knitting painting'. Such a variety of expressions on each face, yet each one marked with a striking combination of serenity and absorption (except perhaps for 'Knitter Asleep', she perhaps just has the serenity). Having recently done some reading on knitting as a meditation, I found this to be a very interesting commonality indeed. And the little cat at the end? Well, he just sums up the very delicious soothing character of the yarn itself.
Does knitting relax or stress you? 

Charles Lidderdale, Sillem Knitting
Image from

Jean-Baptiste Greuze, Knitter Asleep
Image from

Grace Cossington-Smith, The Sock Knitter
Image from

Linda Apple, Knitting Vibes
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B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

very intrestin. I like the cat wun best hehe!

Mummy tort herself to croshay, not nit. She cuddent hold 2 needles so cuddent nit. Kept dropping wun of them.

Well she tort herself to croshay, past tense, cos then she forgot. She forgot an never finisht a scarf she was mayking for Grandad. She has a half scarf. Maybe he cud ware it lying down.

The expreshun on HER face was yewzually wiv her tung owt, a few norty words an creest brow. Hehehe.

Feronia said...

Wish I could croshay, Bob! Tell your mum to give it another go - there are lots of cute croshay things to make out there :)