Friday, February 15, 2013

Making a list

Inspired by Sefarina's list of projects that she's planning while she has a little bit of unexpected time (, I had a little look around the house at the things that are keeping me busy right now...

1. Making a variety of little brooches by winding yarn onto metal rings, stitching little flowers onto scraps of an old cardigan or stitching on fragments of vintage embroidered table napkins and hankies. I am making them for my own use at the moment just while my stitching gets a little neater!

2. Trying to make fabric yo-yos with my Japanese yo-yo maker. It's easy, they said. Hmmmm, I said. I shall try and persevere because I want to cover a rug in them. Also, I have a fabric stash which could do with some diminishing.

3. Finally making a felted teddy bear with the felting kit I bought off ebay months ago.

4. Looking, as always, for an author to rival or at least equal Barbara Pym. I am about to start At Mrs Lippincote's by Elizabeth Taylor (no, not her). At least I will when I can drag myself away from a re-read of Quartet in Autumn.

5. Trying, yet again, to learn how to meditate. Perhaps 'trying' is the key to what is wrong with my approach. Meditate or do not meditate. There is no try...

6. Planning to make a plum cake with oats and a snowy chocolate mountain cake, in quick succession, when the weather gets a little cooler and I feel inclined to switch the stove on. 30 + degrees until late next week...

7. And if all that's just a bit too industrious, dancing around the house to some silly 60s music...Blogger didn't like the 'embed' link, so here's the You Tube link if you're interested...

What about you? What are you up to?


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Mummy's been doing that to the Springfields- "Island of dreams"- always cheers her up, that wun!!! Hehe. I like the sownd of the oaty cake and I am keen to see the felty bear.

I hope it warms up heer soon, I wud like a piknik!

I hav posted Woolley's grayte pant-cape capers on my blog.

Mummy sez she had a speshol pad for ryting things to do lists on but she carnt find it hahahaha

Feronia said...

I'll post a pic of felty bear as soon as I make him, Bob - hopefully this weekend.

Woolley *loved* the pantcapers!

Hope it warms up for you soon, and cools down for us :)