Monday, February 11, 2013

Comfort Food

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In search of something I hadn't made before for Saturday night dinner, I settled on 'Hot sausage hash' from my Ikea cookbook. I forgot to take a photo of it, so what you see above is something I found online that looks very, very much like how it turned out.

The weather is probably still a little warm here for this dish but it disappeared from our plates quickly enough and since it is probably perfect weather for this in many parts of the Northern Hemisphere, I thought some of you might enjoy it.

I fried six beef sausages and boiled four sliced potatoes. I added a diced onion and a sliced clove of garlic to the frying pan as well as a tin of kidney beans. I then removed the sausages once they were almost done, sliced them up and then put them back in the pan, as well as adding the now firm but cooked, sliced potatoes. I splashed in a little Worcestershire sauce (like HP sauce) and a sprinkle of paprika. When everything is nice and sizzled up together, it's good to go. I was going to add sour cream but I forgot that too. Oh well!

Smaklig måltid!


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Mummy has a yummy sossidge dish ressippy from Ireland. I'll get her to tell yu abowt it. But did yu notiss the link under yor foto sez ELK sossidge??? ELK??? Oh my.

BTW, wud yu arsk Wooley if he is up to sum Pant-Cape Tchewsday frolicks?


Bob TB

Feronia said...

Sounds yummy, Bob! I know...elk??? I think I'll stick with plain old beef! And I'll talk to Woolley :)