Thursday, February 21, 2013


Matilda of England (1102-1167)
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With what I suspect would be described as my 'monkey mind', I am flitting from one book to another at the moment when I settle down to read. I am reading She-Wolves by Helen Castor pretty steadily, though. It tells the story of 'the women who ruled England before Elizabeth' - Elizabeth the First, that is. It is very accessibly written, providing one doesn't get too bogged down in exactly who was related to who and goes with the overall flow of the tale.

I have several degrees in history, but my focus has always been on modern history, so I am really enjoying visiting another era altogether - the early Middle Ages - and times very different in many ways to our own. As we swelter through yet more humid weather here, I am also enjoying imagining myself in the vast landscape of cold castles that sets the scene! I know, I know...the draughts and the damp and the general horribleness...but just allow me to dream as the air here buzzes thick with heat and insects!

What are you reading right now?


Bodecea said...

Joyve Carol Oates "I'll Take You There" (in German "Ausgesetzt"), I read it before some years ago.'ll_Take_You_There_(novel)

Feronia said...

I've heard of her...must seek out some of her stuff :)