Monday, June 1, 2009

On Being Scared (and other random thoughts)

Well, the beef pie (see Saturday) was a bit of a fizzer. Not terrible, but a bit flavourless and not really worth a photo. I did, however, redeem myself last night with 'Poor Man's Quiche' which turned out very well. So well in fact that there's no photo of that either but for the opposite reason - it was gobbled up while we were watching "Doctor Who" (the Easter special - love living in the Antipodes - the Easter special in May!).

Which brings me to my next question/thought. Why do we like to be scared? Not that "Doctor Who" is especially scary - suspenseful maybe - sometimes just plain daft. But I have lately developed a penchant for scary tv shows. Tonight, for example, "Supernatural" is on, and on Thursdays, I tune in for "Ghost Whisperer". I am by no means a brave person spooky-wise. I jump at shadows and I have definitely heard things going bump in the night. I am still getting over "The Sixth Sense". So what's the attraction to being scared? Does anyone else share this? Maybe it's because when the show ends, I can turn the TV set off safe in the knowledge that it wasn't real...or was it? (sorry, thought I'd inject a bit of scary movie drama in there)

Another brilliant op-shopping Monday today. A lovely summery dress (hugely appropriate when the barometer is struggling to pass 10 degrees, I thought!) which I saw in the chain stores for $60 this summer just I bought it for $4.50! Global financial crisis? Pah! Just gotta think a bit more laterally about spending... And I found some very cute silver frog charms whose cuteness manages to show through even in the awful-fuzzy-on-the-mobile photo above. I think I'll turn them into earrings...

On a completely disparate note, I have been reading the Dalai Lama's The Art of Happiness. I believe spiritual belief is an enormously individual and personal path so I'm not advocating anything here, but there is some very good and interesting stuff here. Has anyone else read it? Just ponder:

"Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible."

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Wurst Semmel said...

I'm a chicken. I can't watch scary stuff any more. I think the general viewing diet of CSI, Criminal Minds and that genre just wore me down.

I'm having a bit of a Jane Austen moment as an antidote.

I think the "Art of Happiness" is an excellent read. Happiness is very much the buzz word right now but I don't like some of the psychobabble around this area. I always direct people to this book first.

Wurst Semmel