Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mad Men

I must be getting old. Or maybe I just watch too much tv (but hey, it's winter)! More nostalgia (of a kind) today.

Is anyone else watching Mad Men, the tv series about the Madison Avenue ad agency, set in the early 1960s? If you're reading this in the States, I think you're episodes and episodes ahead of us here. We are only about 6 eps into season 1 but I have to say I love it as much as the advertising for it told me I should. Many of the characters are repugnant - the men are so sexist! - but there's something compelling about it nonetheless. Initially I thought I would just watch it for the wonderful 60s decor and costuming because I really didn't like the characters. And this normally switches me off a book, tv show or movie very quickly. But there's something kind of mesmerising about just watching the sets unfold before you - they really do make you feel that you are looking through a window and into another era. And I have always said that if I could do one thing it would be to time travel, so this suits me very well. My mother who was actually around in the early 1960s (though not on Madison Avenue!) isn't a fan of the show but she does concede that they set the scene very well.

Now I find myself warming to the characters. Especially Peggy - slightly dorky, a little too earnest but genuinely nice and looking for just a little more than what the mainstream is offering. So, I'm posting a link here to a great exchange between her and Joan, the office bombshell (see, now I'm slipping into 6os speak!). Just as I've discovered the joys of embedding a clip (thanks WS!), the poster of this clip has preventing the embedding of it. Oh well! Follow the link if you like and you'll get the gist of it, just the same!

And if you're a Simpsons fan too, you'll probably like their spoof of Mad Men's opening credits:


Helena said...

I saw this programme in the schedules but never watched it. I think it must have clashed with something else but I can't remember what!

Are you cold? My sister is near Adelaide and keeps emailing me moaning about the cold. I have no sympathy because she is too fond of calling me in January to tell me about how lovely warm and bright it is there. Ha!

Re the swap- card or ATC? All different seasons on one, or different cards for different seasons? Let me know!! :)

Feronia said...

I am freezing! We live in a 1940s brick house and don't have central heating so everything is just staying cold, cold, cold. But you're right - it's not a Northern winter! With the card swap, how about a set of 4 cards, each for a different season? :)