Sunday, June 21, 2009

Not in the bleak midwinter

And capped off by a very pleasant winter's evening by the heater watching re-runs of "Foyle's War" ('s_War) and eating my (if I may say, very tasty) version of an apple crumble (peel, slice and stew apples, place in casserole dish with muesli, brown sugar and butter on top, bake for about 30 minutes at about 180). Happy Winter Solstice!


Helena said...

Got your cards today. THANKS so much! They are lovely! It really made my day, getting them. Made me smile! I've put them on my blog.

We watch Foyle's War here too. My mum calls it Foley's War. HAHA!

Oooo apple crumble is my fave. Must have it with cream or ice cream, though ;)

Feronia said...

So glad they arrived safely! It was lots of fun making them. Foley's it!