Monday, June 22, 2009

Ode to Orchids

A short post today to celebrate my favourite flower: the orchid. I have always loved them - they look exotic and delicate but I think they are actually quite tough. Certainly, their cut flowers will last for weeks. I suspect my love for orchids was in part passed down from my paternal grandmother who also loved them and had them dotted around the garden in the ground and in pots. I have never been brave enough to try growing my own (they do look a bit temperamental!) but luckily my dear Fellow Traveller regularly buys me a bunch!


Pina said...

I have two orchids. They are easy to grow - just don't water or fertilize them too much.

Bodecea said...

Try it, Feronia - even I have not killed the two I own!

Feronia said...

Ok, I'm encouraged...I'll get an orchid and let you know of its progress!