Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wanna See Wednesday

Through my good and dear friend Bodecea, I have discovered a terrific site: There, amongst many other interesting things, Distelfliege has 'Wanna See Wednesday' in which she shows off some part of what she very wisely terms 'the sacred everyday life'. I thought I would pick up this really nice idea here at the Wood. So, to start, here is part of my grandmother's dinner set. It is very beautiful 1930s Royal Doulton but she used it every day of her life and I think that's pretty terrific. It wasn't squirreled away in a cupboard - don't touch the Doulton! - but instead she and my grandfather ate off fine bone china every day. For me, this is a very worthy idea indeed. There should be some beautiful, meaningful or special aspect to every day - and this doesn't have to be delicate porcelain - it can be a thought, a hug, a tv show, a cat or a sandwich! - but something that gives the day just a little lift. Perhaps some of you have read Sarah Ban Breathnach's Romancing the Ordinary which talks about this sort of thing too. Personally, it's an idea which sustains me, and gets me through the rough patches. Sometimes I've really got to look for that special thing, but it's always there somewhere.


Wurst Semmel said...

Eating off fine china every day. How great is that? I can't stand to see beautiful things locked up, unused for the purpose they were intended.

As you can see, I've now discovered your blog and have had a bit of a commenting explosion!
Interesting blog...look forward to reading more.


Feronia said...

Hello WS! Lovely to see you here in the Yellow Wood. Yes, I think it's important not to imagine that everything was wonderful in the past, but certainly when you see old dinner sets and other such things which were a part of everyday life once, you do start to wonder about some of the links which seem to have been broken in the present!