Sunday, June 14, 2009

In late breaking news: woman's creativity NOT crushed by marking exams!

Quiet times here in the Woods...I am marking exams... Suprisingly though, this has not utterly stifled my creativity! Last night I finished a set of 4 cards for my blogging buddy Helena ( which I have to say I am moderately pleased with and I have just now sewed some quirky 60s buttons on a very boring jumper and so giving it a much-needed and long-overdue overhaul (I have been staring balefully at it in the wardrobe for months). I would like to show you these efforts but my camera is temporarily kaputt and the usual stand-by - the phone on my mobile - has similarly become tired and emotional. Also, I don't want Helena to see the cards before they reach her! :) So, you will just have to imagine my inventive endeavours. But, so that this entry is not text, text, text, I thought I would stick with last week's nostalgia theme and post this little treat. Hope you all are having a great weekend :)

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